Ice - cream Suitcase Contact Case MI0487
Ice - cream Suitcase Contact Case MI0487
Ice - cream Suitcase Contact Case MI0487

Ice - cream Suitcase Contact Case MI0487

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Instructions for use:

  ⒈ double cassette, using forceps before and after rinsing with clean water.

  2. Inject a layer of preservation solution into the double box and store the lens (note that the lens is placed in the box, do not place it on the edge of the double box) and tighten the lid.



  1. The care solution must not be washed with detergent, soap, etc.

  2. RGP double head design, separate storage, to avoid bacterial cross-infection heat: 60 degrees. (Do not use boiling water to burn oh)

Double heads have LR logos to prevent confusion between left and right eyes.

  3. This product is compatible with all brands of care solutions.

  4. Eye experts recommend this product to be replaced once every 3 months

5. Private items are very important and do not support 7 days no reason to return!


Color: Light Green

Size: 8.5X6X2.7CM (different in shape due to different shapes, please prevail in kind)

Internal accessories include: RGP box*2, clip*1, stick*1,

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